Connect your own node with NWC

How to connect your own node to your Alby account

Be aware this feature is about connecting your own lightning node to your account on It is still experimental. If your node is not well connected and does not have enough incoming liquidity, payments will fail.

You can now send and receive payments directly to your own node via:

  • your Alby lightning address

  • the Alby Browser Extension

Participation in the lightning network requires running an implementation of a lightning network daemon software. This software launches and runs a unique node that allows communication with others on the network. Using Alby as a non-custodial wallet, allows the user to take full custody of their bitcoins. Watch the video below to learn how to connect your node to an Alby account using Nostr Wallet Connect (NWC) in seconds.

Step 1: Log in to Alby

Visit and log in or use the Alby Browser Extension to log in.

Step 2: Click on ‘Settings’

Step 3: Click on ‘Node Configuration’

Step 4: Click on ‘Use your own node’

Step 5: You will have to fill in your NWC credentials

We'll get your NWC Connection Secret in the next slides... Before we continue here, we must go to your own node. Leave this page opened.

Step 6: Go to your node and Open the ‘Nostr Wallet Connection’ (NWC) app

This example belongs to a node on Umbrel. By default, Umbrel nodes can be accessed by typing umbrel.local on the URL section of a browser. You must have both the bitcoin bode and lightning node applications installed and synchronized before you can proceed to obtain the NWC Connection Secret

Step 7: Click on ‘Connect app’

Step 8: Enter the name of your new ‘app connection’ and click on ‘Next’

You are connecting the funds of your own node to an external application. This application will be able to manage the funds on your node. It is wise to set up a maximum budget and an expiry time. In this case, the application chosen to be managing the funds of your node is your Alby Account, choose an appropriate name for this connection, such as "Alby" or "Alby connection".

Step 9: Click on ‘Copy on pairing secret’ to have your NWC Connection Secret on your clipboard and go back to your Alby account, to the page we left opened on Step 5.

Note: You can also connect to other desktop and mobile applications, that is why there is an option to have the NWC Connection Secret by QR code, and a purple button to open a mobile app.

Step 10: Paste your NWC Connection Secret on your Alby account and click on ‘Connect Wallet’

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your node to Alby. You can now start managing your funds directly through your Alby account.

Aditional notes

  • Your Alby account is linked to your Alby Browser Extension. When using your browser extension you will now be using the funds on your node.

  • The capabilities of your Alby account are now directly connected to your node's capacities. You will be able to send and receive Satoshis in a self-sovereign way smoothly by ensuring your node has well-configured lightning network channels and adequate inbound and outbound capacity.

Also note: to support some features like receiving keysend payments which are used in the Value4Value spec you must have at least one public channel and your node's public key might be shared.

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