Connect Umbrel to the Alby Browser Extension

Step 1: Install the Alby extension in your browser

Make sure to pin the icon of the Alby extension to your browser bar for easier access

Note: If you already installed Alby, simply add a new account within the Alby extension

Step 2: Open the Alby browser extension and follow the steps in the instruction

Step 3: Select the Umbrel connector to connect your Umbrel node

Step 4: Choose 'Lightning Node' to connect your umbrel node. (However, here you have the option to connect various apps from the umbrel store).

Step 5: Connecting your umbrel node: You will need the lndconnect URL

Step 5: In your Umbrel dashboard open the app Lightning Node

Step 6: Select REST (Tor) and copy the lndconnect URL

Step 7: Copy and paste the lndconnect URL to Alby

Step 8: Download and install the Alby companion app to connect to your Umbrel behind Tor and click on 'Continue'.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Umbrel node to Alby.

Optional: If you don't have lightning channels yet, you can follow this setup wizard to fund your node and open your first channel to send and receive bitcoin payments.

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