Why do I need to link my Alby Account?

Easily link your Alby Hub with your Alby Account for seamless Lightning payments with Lightning Addresses and full access to all Alby web Account functionalities!

Your Alby Hub self-custodial wallet can send and receive sats, but it lacks a Lightning address. This is where your Alby web account becomes useful: it provides your Alby Hub with a Lightning address.

1. How do I connect my Alby Hub to my Alby Account?๐Ÿ”—

Connecting is super easy and fast, you are ready in under a minute!

On your Alby Hub, go to "Connections" and click on "Link your Alby Account". It should be done in just a few seconds.

Great!๐Ÿ˜€ So now you can receive payments to your Alby Hub by handing your lightning address "your-name@getalby.com"โšก

All the feature of Alby web Account are now features of your Alby Hub, ain't that awesome?

Now that your Alby Hub and Alby Account are linked throught a NWC connection, your Alby Account becomes the wallet interface for your Alby Hub. This means you can use all the functionalities of your Alby web account with the funds stored in your Alby Hub self-custodial wallet.

Some of those functionalities include:

  • LNDhub connection to other wallet interfaces (such as BlueWallet or Zeus)

  • Seemless association with the Alby browser extension

  • APIs for developpers

  • V4V tools for podcasting and such

You only need to link your Alby Hub and Alby Account once, and they will stay connected indefinitely. However, updates might occasionally cause them to unlink. If this happens, simply go to the connections section of your Alby Hub and link them again.

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