Connecting your LN node

You want to connect Alby with your remote Bitcoin Lightning node. Your node runs behind tor. You entered the relevant credentials in the Alby extension and you successfully installed the Alby companion app.

But you receive an error message:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'error')" "connection failed. Are your credentials correct? (failed to fetch)

To understand the reason for this error you have to do the following steps

  1. Take a screenshot of the inspect views on Chrome or Firefox.

  2. Find the alby.log file (that file shows the logs of the the downloaded companion app) and take a screenshot of the log data.

How to find the alby.log file?

On Windows

  1. use this folder path: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Temp

  2. search for the "alby" text document

On macOS

  1. open your terminal and use the command:

tail -n 25 $TMPDIR/alby.log

Please, send your screenshots to



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