Can I connect LND with readonly permissions?

Depends on what you want to do with Alby. But if you for example only want to receive payments you can give the Alby extension a LND macaroon with limited permissions.

The following permissions are typically used. Depending on your usage you can limit these permissions. Use LND's macaroon bakery to generate a custom macaroon. (learn more)

  • invoices:write - create invoices

  • invoices:read - check invoices

  • offchain:read - display the balance

  • info:read - read node information

  • peers:write - for LNURL-channel requests

  • message:write - sign a message (e.g. for LNURL-auth)

  • offchain:write - to send payments

Note: some lightning web applications using webln.request() might request other calls.


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