๐Ÿ“ฅIncrease Receiving Capacity

This is an essential task as it ensures that you can always receive a payment. But no worries there are several simple options depending on your preferences.

Buy a channel with receiving capacity included

1. Navigate to "Node" and click on "Increase" Receiving Capacity

2. Define the channel size an click on "Next"

The defined channel size denominated in sats will be your additional receiving capacity. An example: If you defined 1,000,000 sats, you'll increase your receiving capacity by 1,000,000 sats (minus a small Reserve).

Alternatively you can expand the "Advanced Options" to select your preferred node partner yourself. In general we recommend against opening a public channel unless your use case requires a public channel. Learn more here.

3. Pay the invoice with your Hub or another lightning wallet.

Behind the scenes, you are buying a lightning channel that is instantly opened to your node. The fees include the capital costs for ensuring that the liquidity is available for your node and the onchain transaction fees, as opening a channel requires a bitcoin onchain transaction.

Create receiving capacity yourself

Thatโ€™s probably the most fun option. If your spending balance is high enough you can simply spend some of your sats in these apps.

Benefits: You create more receiving capacity and you also support the bitcoin ecosystem as a whole.

Send to another lightning wallet

If you have a another lightning wallet or your exchange supports lightning deposits you can send that sats from your spending balance to that wallet. You can send a payment via the Alby Browser Extension or your Hub directly.


Send to another onchain wallet

If you have a bitcoin onchain wallet you can use a so called swap service to move our sats from the lightning network into a bitcoin onchain wallet. You'll reduce the spending balance of your Alby Hub and increase the receiving capacity.

It works with the following swap services:

Congrats! You just increase your Hub's receiving capacity. ๐Ÿฅณ

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