๐Ÿ”‚Send and receive bitcoin

This page shows you how to send and receive bitcoin with Alby

Send bitcoin

Step 1: Open Alby and click on 'Send'

Step 2a: Insert the destination of your payment into the 'Lightning Invoice' field

  • You can paste an invoice, LNURL or a Lightning Address into the field.

  • Click on "Continue" to proceed

Or step 2b: Scan a QR code or paste a lightning invoice to add the destination of your payment

To scan a QR code, click on the QR code icon first

Start Scanning

Make sure you have granted permission to your camera.

Alternatively, you can also copy and paste a lightning invoice in the field above.

Step 3: Fill in payment details

  • Amount in satoshi or press one of the shortcut buttons

  • Add an optional comment (That is a great way to say thank you or include another message to the payment)

Click on 'More' and you have the option to add your name and email. (This is optional)

Step 4: Scroll down and click on 'Confirm'

Receive bitcoin

Step 1: Open Alby and click on 'Receive'

Step 2: Enter payment details and click 'Create Invoice'

  • The "Description" field is optional but helpful to assign a payment to a sender

Step 3: Copy invoice and share it with the sender

  • once the invoice is paid and you received the amount you will see a confetti animation in the window of the extension

  • but you do not have to wait until then; your balance will show the updated amount.


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