Alby Account

Connect your Alby Account to the Alby Browser Extension

Your Alby account for the Alby browser extension is the same as your account on You can use the same credentials to login to both.

You have downloaded the Alby browser extension and want to spend the sats that are on your account

Step 1: Open the Alby browser extension

Step 2: Open the wallet menu

Step 3: Click on "Add a new account"

Step 4: Click on "Alby Wallet & Log in"

Step 5: Log in to your "Alby Lightning Wallet"

  • Enter the same credentials that you used when you registered your Alby Lightning Address on

  • Click on โ€˜Continueโ€™

  • This will load your wallet. You are now connected and can start spending your sats on these websites:

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