Using nightly builds

To use the latest development version with all the upcoming changes you can manually install the Alby nightly development builds

Please note: you can only have one Alby version installed. Before you install a nightly version make sure to remove or deactivate the current installation.

Also please note that Alby nightly versions do not automatically update and you have to manually install the version you want.

For the latest nightly release with all the changes that will be included in the next official release download the extension for your browser from the "Try out the most recent version of Alby" section in the readme and follow the installation instructions.

To test out pull requests you can download the build files from the build comment in the pull reques and follow the install instructions.

Installing nightlies for Firefox:

Video showing how to install nightly developer builds for Firefox

Installing nightlies for Chrome

On Chrome please make sure you have the "Developer mode" Enabled on the "Extensions" section

Video showing how to install nightly developer builds for Chrome (make sure to have the developer mode enabled in "Extension")

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