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Convert to fiat

How to convert the bitcoin in your Alby account to fiat money.
You can directly fund your wallet within the Alby dashboard. But converting your funds to fiat requires some hops. If you want to benefit from your precious bitcoin in your Alby account, you have the following options.

Exchanging your bitcoin to fiat directly

More and more exchanges allow depositing bitcoin over the lightning network. You will find an overview of traditional exchanges and peer-to-peer exchanges here.
If your favorite exchange is not on the list you will need to send your funds from Alby to an onchain bitcoin address first using swap services like Boltz or Sideshift.

Alternatives to consider

  • Purchase virtual credit cards: E.g. PaywithMoon
  • Purchase gift cards: E.g. Bitrefill
  • Saving them for your grandchildren 😉

Keeping the circular economy flowing

  • Donations towards good causes: E.g. Geyser
  • Re-distributing those sats across your audience or friends: E.g. Lightsats
  • Having fun on bitcoin lightning applications: Discover the best apps!
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