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You can Top up your Alby Hub in two ways:

  • Onchain transaction

  • Lightning transaction

Onchain transaction

You can send BTC in an onchain transactions to your Alby Hub in the following way:

1️⃣ Select ‘Liquidity’ in your Alby Hub

2️⃣ You’ll find your onchain address in the ‘Advanced’ drop down menu

3️⃣ Deposit funds from another bitcoin wallet, exchange or use one of the many onramp services (you’ll need to wait for 1 block confirmation/ ~10 min.)

After one confirmation the deposited funds appear in your savings balance.

To make the funds ready to use for lightning fast payments you’ll need to transfer them to your spending balance.

📤pageIncrease Spending Balance

Lightning transaction

You can also top up your spending balance directly.

Note this is only possible if you have free “Receiving Capacity”. Read on here on how to create ‘Receiving Capacity’

1️⃣ Go to your Alby dashboard. If you see the same spending balance as in your hub, you can continue. If you don’t see the same balance, check the FAQ or contact support@getalby.com.

2️⃣ Click ‘Receive’ and chose to send to a lightning address or to create an invoice

3️⃣ Pay the lightning address or the invoice with your preferred amount.

Congrats! You successfully topped up your spending balance. 📈

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