📤Increase Spending Balance

To increase your spending balance you need to either top up your balance (guide) or open a lightning payment channel. Opening a new channel helps you to accomplish the following:

  • Transfer funds from your savings balance to your spending balance

  • Increase your spending balance

  • Be ready to send payments via the lightning network

Opening a channel is very easy with the channel wizard available in Alby Hub. 🌟

1️⃣: Navigate to ‘Liquidity’ and click the ‘Open Channel’ button

2️⃣: Select your preferred options (channel size, peer and payment option) and continue with ‘next’

3️⃣: Depending on the selected payment option, finish by paying the displayed lightning invoice or by confirming to open the channel (you’ll need to wait for up to 6 block confirmations/ ~60 min.)

That’s it. You are now connected to bitcoin’s lightning network.

We believe freedom and sovereignty over your digital transactions are empowering. Choose your path and make the most of Alby Hub's capabilities—it’s all about what suits you best! 🚀

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