Are there transaction limits with my Alby Account?

At Alby, we're here to make your bitcoin experience on the web as effortless as possible. Think of your Alby Account as your go-to wallet for everyday payments, but with the added convenience of bitcoin. Whether you're sending boostagrams for podcasting or engaging in zaps on Nostr, Alby has you covered.

To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, please be aware of our transaction limits:

Volume There is a sending and receiving cap of 2.500.000 sats for incoming and outgoing transactions each over a rolling window of 7 days.

Balance The maximum balance in your Alby account is currently limited to 1.000.000 sats.

Amounts The maximum receivable amount per invoice is 500.000 sats . The maximum amount per outgoing payment is 1.000.000 sats.

We believe in empowering our users, and that's why we encourage you to run your own node for higher transaction amounts. Curious about running your own lightning node? We're more than happy to assist you with the setup. Our goal is to support you every step of the way.

pageHow can I run my own Lightning node?

Have questions or need assistance? Feel free to contact us us directly. Your smooth bitcoin journey is our priority!

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