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📰 Wordpress plugin: Bitcoin Lightning Publisher
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✍️ Value 4 Value for writers, authors, bloggers.

We are happy you create content and value yourself! Let your audience appreciate the work your do 🤍.
The simplest method is to keep your lightning address public - so people could know where to send sats to. If you don't have your lightning wallet yet, go ahead and create one with your [email protected] address! Our browser extension magically discovers Twitter bloggers, YouTubers and other authors, who put their address right after lighning emoji, (for example: [email protected]), for easy tipping.
On this page you can read more about our tool for lightning paywalls and donations on Wordpress sites - check it out if you run one!
If you run a podcast, please check out this guide:
You can also read our intro to Value 4 Value or learn more about Bitcoin payments for podcasters here.
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