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Bitcoin Lightning Publisher for WordPress by Alby

Bitcoin Lightning Publisher for WordPress
Bitcoin Lightning Publisher is a WordPress plugin designed for efficient Bitcoin transactions. It's a practical tool for monetizing digital content like blog posts, podcasts, and videos through instant microtransactions.
This plugin streamlines the payment process, allowing you to receive payments directly in your wallet, eliminating the need for third-party service providers. It's user-friendly and offers a straightforward solution for selling digital content and accepting donations. Utilizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the plugin ensures quick, hassle-free payments for an improved user experience Download the Wordpress plugin to enjoy bitcoin lightning content monetization and paywalls:

Benefits & usecases

For you, the publisher: – Monetize any digital content with instant microtransactions – Create custom paywalls according to your needs – Best and fastest checkout payment experience – Superior paywall user experience – Save payment fees by using the inexpensive Bitcoin Lightning Network – no need to payment service providers – Receive payments directly in your preferred wallet (see “Lightning node connections”)
For your vistors/customers: – Seamless one-click payments and quick access to the content – Global availability – let customers from around the world send you payments through the open Bitcoin payment network
Use Case Examples: – Accept donations / Value 4 Value payments from your visitors – Monetize any digital content on your website: Articles, pages, file, videos, music, podcasts – Receive payments (boosts and boostagrams) from podcasting apps via the Podcasting 2.0 podcast:value RSS standard – Integrate payments with your website functionality – many more

Bitcoin lightning publisher in the media.

Here is a blog post on the Alby blog, which gives you a quick 3-minute read and dive more into how to monetize your content with the WordPress plugin.

Contributing This plugin is free and open source. We welcome and appreciate new contributions. Visit the code repository and help us to improve the plugin.

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