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How to add a paywall to your content

Create a paywall for your audiance to continue reading your articles
Step 1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
Step 2: On the left-hand side menu click posts, this will now bring you to your posts dashboard, click add new right at the top.
Step 3: Now you can write your content, starting with your header, then onto your full story/blog.
Step 4: Once that is complete, you can now decide where your paywall starts. After each text line, you can add a block by clicking on the blue plus sign, the text underneath where you decide will be hidden by the paywall. Type in Lightning Paywall, and click...
Step 5: Now you have a paywall. Here you can customize how much, the message, and the currency (BTC OBVS😉) you want your paywall to be set up for. Then you can click publish at the top right-hand corner.
Step 6: After you have published, here you can copy the link or view your new paywalled content.
Step 7: Here is your paywalled content, now you have to pay 100 sats to continue reading your article.
Last modified 16d ago