Get to know more features

Paywall to sell content
Sell any digital content (pay-per-post, pay-per-view, pay-per-download, etc.) with a highly configurable paywall
  • WebLN enabled by default for easy on-click payments
  • Add a paywall to posts and pages to easily charge for any published content
  • Crowdfund option: make the content freely available after a certain amount is received
  • Time-in option: keep the article freely available for a certain time and then enable the paywall after that
  • Time-out option: make the article freely available after a certain time
  • Configure the price in Satoshis, EUR, USD, or GBP (with real-time exchange rate)
  • Configure the paywall with a shortcode ([lnpaywall])
  • Or configure the paywall with a Gutenberg Block
  • Integrate with other tools and plugins like membership tools to control if the paywall should be enabled (see Paywall Hook section)
Donation/Value4Value payments
The plugin comes with various options to receive donations and Value 4 Value payments.
  • Gutenberg block for a donation widget
  • Donation widget for themes
  • Enable Value 4 Value tags for your website and feeds:
  • Enable the Lightning meta tag to allow users to send payments (Value 4 Value)
  • Enable the podcast:value tag in your RSS feed to receive payments for your podcast

Lightning Node connections

Connect to your existing Bitcoin Lightning node or simply create a new Alby account to instantly receive Lightning payments.


Look through the next few pages of our guides for some simple instructions on how to set up various paywalls and widget donations.