This guide describes how to connect your Alby Account from getalby.com to a Zeus mobile app for different lightning accounts.

Your Alby Account can be used with various interfaces:

  • GetAlby.com website and PWA app

  • Alby Browser Extension

  • Mobile wallets, able to connect to LNDhub, like Blue Wallet or Zeus [video tutorial]

  • Apps using NWC (Nostr Wallet Connect)

Below you will learn how to use your Alby Account with Zeus: open-source mobile wallet, available for Android and iOS.

This guide used Android phone for an example. The process on the iOS app should look very similar.

Step 1: Generate your Alby LNDhub credentials

Your LNDhub credentials are private data with the authorization to your Alby Account. Please do not share them with anyone!

Log in to your Alby Account and visit https://getalby.com/node

Then, click on "Show your LNDhub credentials" which opens this link: https://getalby.com/lndhub_credentials/new

Note: after clicking "Create new LNDhub credentials", all previous credentials will become invalid, and the new credentials will not be stored at getalby.com. In order to use same credentials multiple times, you need to save them by yourself.

You will see the text string and the QR code - both can be used in Blue, Zeus and Alby extension to grant them access to your Alby Account.

There you go! Now let's copypaste these credentials into Zeus - or scan the QR code with the app - and we're done!

Step 2: Download and install Zeus mobile app.

Zeus website is ZeusLN.com, you can find links to your appstore there. You can find their GitHub repository here.

Step 2: Set up node configuration

Zeus Wallet is providing their lightning service to its users, but in order to use it as an interface to Alby Account, you need to choose ADVANCED SET-UP on a launch screen, or go to SETTINGS, by clicking the top left icon.

On Settings page, click on the top box, to enter node configuration settings.

The next screen is showing you list of nodes that your Zeus app is connected to.

Click on '+' in top right corner, to add another one.

Then you should see the Node Configuration screen.

You can either scan the QR code generated in Step 1, or copypaste the credentials into proper fields.

In order to scan the QR, click on the top right icon.

If your camera is unavailable, or for some other reason you don't want to or cannot use QR code scanner, the same credentials can be input manually.

Please choose 'LNDhub' as node interface and put your credentials obtained in Step 1 to according fields, as on the example below:

Then click on 'Save node config' and voila! You have your Alby Account connected into Zeus ๐Ÿฅณ

Now you are ready to use your sats on your mobile phone.

Please note, that generating new credentials will remove access for the old one - you will need to reconnect the app.

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