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We are your bitcoin & nostr companion on the web :)

On this pages you should be able to find answers to most of the questions regarding Alby products. Browse through the categories or use search [ctrl+K]to find answers.
To find your guide, please choose what type of user are you: - 🐝 a regular bee, who uses Alby Account with lightning wallet and Alby Browser extension, to use bitcoin & nostr with lightning comfort; - 👨‍🎨 an artist and creator, who uses Alby to receive digital payments & tips, who entered the world of Podcasting 2.0 and sometimes paywalls his content behind sats; - 👩‍💻 a developer, who is using Alby Tools, WebLN, Nostr Wallet Connect and other cutting-edge technologies to build on top of lightning

Tips for new users

🚦 High Demand Response: We're happy to see you here! We have been experiencing very high demand lately (November 2023), so please understand some traffic & signup limits we had to implement to provide reliable processes.
📚 Alby Guides - Your First Stop: You are at a good place. Please use search to find answers to your questions. If you don't - feel free to contact-us
💬 Community Support: If you can't find answer to your question - feel free ask in #general or #support channel! We are happy to share solutions and updates with everyone :)
📧 Personal Support: If you encounter a specific problem or have a question that involves private info - please ask directly [email protected]. We also run Alby Open Hours if you prefer to have a call.
🧩 Account, Keys, Extension: Alby Account ( with a lightning wallet comes separately to your Nostr keys (nsec... and npub...)! You can generate or import the keys into Alby Extension and use Nostr on the web in a secure and easy manner. This extension you can also connect to your Alby Account and use it as your lightning wallet. Alby Account is registered with your e-mail.
🔐 Nostr Keys: Alby can not recover your Nostr keys! Our extension stores them safely on your machine, but it's important that only you should ever know them. Please remember to have a backup.
🛡️ Always: be careful with your private data, especially with keys to your profiles and assets.
Your sats are valuable 🤍 Let's be mindful how you spend them :)

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