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Connect your own node to your Alby account
Be aware this feature is about connecting your own Lightning node to your account on It is still experimental. If your node is not well connected and does not have enough incoming liquidity, payments will fail. This feature is not yet connected to the Alby browser extension. You need to connect your node on and the browser extension separately. However, if you open an Alby Lightning wallet on, you can use it for the Alby browser extension, too.
Participation in the Lightning Network requires running an implementation of a Lightning Network daemon software. This software launches and runs a unique node that allows communication with others on the network. Using Alby as a non-custodial wallet, allows the user to take full custody of their bitcoins. Watch the video below to learn how to connect your LND node in seconds.

Step 1: Login to Alby

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Visit and login or use the Alby browser extension to login.

Step 2: Click on ‘Settings’

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The screen displays two options - ‘Connect to your own node’ or ‘Account details’

Step 3: Click on ‘Connect to your own node’

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Paste these details of your LND node
  • Invoice Macaroon (hex)
  • Certificate (hex)
  • gRPC address and port

Step 4: Click on ‘Connect your node’

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Step 5: Verify your LND node

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You can see your LND node. And you can also update your LND node settings.
Share your Lightning Address (examples) and start receiving sats in your private wallet.
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