Alby Guides

Connect to Zeus

This guide describes how to connect your Alby Lightning wallet on to Zeus a mobile app for different Lightning accounts.
Step 1: Download and install Zeus mobile app
Step 2a: If you have already connected a lightning wallet. Simply activate QR code scanner at the top right and jump to step 6a
Step 2b: If you haven´t connected any wallet yet. Open the app and click on 'GET STARTED'
Step 3: Click on "Connect a node"
Step 4: Click on the '+' sign
Step 5: Select 'lndhub' as Node Interface and press 'SCAN LNDHUB QR'
Step 6a: From the web app on
Navigate to the 'Wallet' tab of your Alby account on and display your connection credentials. This should show you the QR code.
Step 6b: From the Alby browser extension At the top left, open the drop-down menu next to your account info. Click “accounts”. Choose the account you wish to export.
After choosing and clicking on the account, click export. This will give you the QR cide to scan.
Step 7: Scan the QR code and press 'SAVE NODE CONFIG'
Congrats! You are ready to spend your sats with your phone!