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How to use your own domain in your Alby lightning address

Alby allows you to use your lightning addresses with custom domains. This is how you do it.
Please read and fill out the form first. To use your own domain, you will need to upload a file to the server of your own domain. If the content of that file changes, we need a way to contact and inform you. For advanced users, we recommend setting up a redirect rather than hosting a copy of your lightning address data.
1️⃣ Setup your lightning address
Sign up for your Alby account and choose a lightning address.
2️⃣ Find your LNURL
Open<username> in your browser and save this document to your local computer. (CTRL+S) Remove the filename extension (e.g. json) from the file.
Your username is the part before the @ in your lightning address:
You should now have a file named <username> (no file extension) and with contents similar to this one:
"metadata":"[[\"text/identifier\",\"[email protected]\"],[\"text/plain\",\"Sats for Alby\"]]",
3️⃣ Upload the file to your website
Your hostname must be hosted on the root domain (no www).
Upload the file from the step before to this location:
Make sure the .well-known/lnurlp folder is created within the publicly accessible root on your server (such as "www" or "public-html"). This depends on what server you use.
You want to setup [email protected] as your lightning address. Upload the file to your webhost so it's available via this URL:
You should be able to open this URL in your browser. Try to send a payment to your newly created lightning address to test if everything works.
✅ That's it. You just set up a custom lightning address! 🙌
​Contact us if you need help.