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Manage accounts & wallets

Rename and delete accounts
Rename and delete accounts
Step 1: Open the extension by clicking on the '˅' button
In the account menu you see the node alias on the top (here: the Alby wallet). In the list you have the name and the connector type. By default the account name equals the the connector type (e.g. LNDhub)

Step 2: Click on 'Accounts'

As we have several wallets connected through the same connector (i.e. LNDHub) all of them have the same name. To customize their names we choose “Accounts”.

Step 3: Click on '⋮' and select 'Edit'

The accounts in the list are in the same order as the accounts in the drop-down menu. To customize their names click on “⋮” and select “Edit”

Step 4a: Edit the name for the accounts you want

The lists are updated accordingly-

Step 4b: click on '⋮' and select 'Delete' to remove accounts

To remove an account click on “⋮” and select “Delete”. Accounts are unlinked from Alby and not deleted. You can add them back anytime. So make sure that you still have access to it or a backup stored.