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Change your Lightning Address

A lightning address is a human-readable text that replaces the need for QR Codes to send a creator bitcoin over the lightning network.
It is a protocol to empower everyone to send money like we send emails - instantly and globally.
Since it looks like an email address, it is easy to share and remember. You lightning address is an important tool for to receive lightning payments. That's why Alby gives you one by default, when you sign up for an account.
But don't worry here is how you can change and customize your lightning address.

Step 2: Click on ‘Profile settings’

Step 3: Change your lightning address and click on 'Update'

Congrats! You just updated your lightning address.

Did you know? The first part of your lightning address also serves as your username.
You can now integrate your lightning address on various platforms such as your website, Twitter, Youtube, BitcoinTV, Medium or Reddit. Have a look at this webpage to learn how you can receive bitcoin on your website and social media channels.