Alby Guides

App developers

For Web Apps

At Alby we build on open standards. Alby exposes a number of javascript objects to the browser, which can be used to interact with bitcoin onchain (WebBTC), bitcoin lightning (WebLN), Nostr, Liquid, and more.

For Web and Mobile Apps

If you want to power your web or mobile app with bitcoin and want to offer payments directly in the app, have a look at the Alby Wallet API. It allows native payment experiences for users. As a web developer, you can entirely focus on your app. Alby covers your back and does the payment processing for you.
Have a look at the Alby Wallet API documentation:

For Receiving Payments

You can request invoices from your Alby lightning address and use Lightning Tools to verify whether a payment has been made in order to execute additional logic.

For Making Payments

You can send payments using your personal Alby account using Nostr Wallet Connect or the LndHub API.