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How to enable Alby only on specific websites?

By default in Chrome browsers extensions are enabled on all websites. But it is possible to enable the Alby extension only on specific websites. Some users prefer this for increased security.
"On click" is not enough. Alby needs to be able to connect to your lightning account. That's why it can only be "On specific sites" or "On all sites"
Step 1: Click on "More Tools" in the browser menu and select "Extensions" or type in chrome://extensions in the browser bar, Step 2: Go to "Details" for Alby
Step 3: On the section "Site access" select "On specific sites".
If you use the Alby account, you need to enable this by clicking on "Add a new page" and add: and and
Step 4: (optional): If you have your other accounts or nodes connected you have to add those addresses here, too.
Step 5: Then visit the page you want to use Alby and click on the Alby icon and enable Alby.
Success! Have a look here to discover new apps to use Alby.