Alby Guides

Connect Voltage to Alby

If you aren't ready to run your own Bitcoin or Lightning node at home or need a more reliable node to run accept payments, creating a non-custodial Lightning node on Voltage is a good option.
Step 1: Sign up for a Voltage Lightning account and create a lightning node.
Step 2: Install the Alby extension in your browser.
Make sure to pin the icon of the Alby extension to your browser bar for easier access.
Step 3: In voltage, click the "Connect" tab and in the dropdown pick "Alby" then follow the instructions to create a new Alby account connected to your Lightning node.
Step 4 (Optional - Adding Inbound Liquidity): Log out and re-log-in to your Voltage Lightning node. On the home tab a new "Need a channel?" section should appear. Click on "Request Channel".
Step 5: Wait for the channel to be created (seems to require around 6 block confirmations - this could take an hour or two). Voltage will provide a link to view the channel open transaction.
Step 6: Once your channel has been opened, go to the dashboards tab of Voltage and open thunderhub to see your created channel. Use the same password as you provided when creating your Voltage lightning node.
If you click on the channels tab, you should see a channel with 500,000 sats inbound liquidity and 0 sats of outbound liquidity.
Step 7 (Optional - Adding Outbound Liquidity): In your Alby wallet, select your newly created LND account connected to your voltage node, and create an invoice for 6000* sats and pay it using one of your other wallets or Alby accounts. Note: since your node currently has only one open channel, it is not well-connected. If you get a no_route error when paying the invoice, try using a different wallet to pay the invoice.
*If you remember, your channel balance is 0 sats and you have 500,000 sats of inbound liquidity. Your node has a fee reserve of 1% (see which means you need at least (500,000 * 0.01) = 5000 sats reserved at all times in order to send payments. Another way you can get outbound capacity is to create another channel, either manually through Thunderhub, or using Voltage's Flow services. See Voltage's guide for more info:
Step 8: In one of your other wallets or another Alby account, create an invoice of 1 satoshi. Copy the invoice URL, and paste it into the send tab in Alby with your new LND account selected. Click continue and pay the invoice. You've now confirmed your new Alby account can receive and send payments.
Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Voltage node to Alby.