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Connect LND node via Lightning Node Connect (LNC) to Alby

​LNC by Lightning Labs in the Alby browser extension provides users with another way to link their remote LND node and enjoy the power of non-custodial lightning payments on the web leaving slow connections over tor to the past.
As a LND node user, you can now connect to Alby through the following steps:
Step1: Install the Lightning Terminal Daemon (litd) on your LND node
Step 2: Use the received credentials to access Lightning Terminal in your local web browser
Lightning Terminal
Step 3: Create a new session in the 'Lightning Node Connect' menu
Lightning Node Connect menu
Step 4: Generate your pairing phrase
  • Add a label
  • Set permissions: use Admin to be able to receive and send payments via Alby on websites
  • Click on 'Submit'
Lightning Node Connect menu
The pairing phrase (typically 10 English words long) is copied to your clipboard
Step 5: Enter this pairing phrase in the LNC connector of the Alby browser extension
That's it. 🚀 Try it out on lightning apps in the 'Discover' section of the Alby browser extension