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Nostr is a simple and open protocol that aims to create censorship-resistant social networks and works with cryptographic keys. Use Alby to securely manage your Nostr keys.

Getting started

With Alby you securely manage your Nostr account keys and safely use the supporting Nostr web clients. Your private keys only live in Alby and will never be shared. Nostr clients only request permissions to for example sign events.
Every account in Alby can have individual Nostr keys. This allows you to manage multiple Nostr identities.
To view and edit your keys go to "Manage accounts" and choose an account.
But always backup your private key! Do not loose it!

🔑 Generating your keys

You can either import an existing key or generate a new Nostr key with Alby. For this you have two options: "Generate a random key" (more secure) or "Derive a key from account".
If you generate the key from your account it is generated using signed canonical phrase. This means it can be regenerated anytime again from your account details and you won't have to worry about loosing access to your key as long as you have access to that node/account. But in anyway always make a backup of your key!
With derived keys the same level of trust that you have in your account also applies to your Nostr key.
If you do want to generate an independent private key or a vanity key you can use one of the following tools:
Please make sure to always have a backup of your key!

🪄 Getting a Nostr NIP05 identifier

With an account and lightning address (e.g. [email protected]) you can also configure your NIP05 Nostr identifier. NIP-05 is a verification method for your Nostr account across all clients and friends can then find you with that address instead of the public key. Go to your dashboard -> Settings -> Profile Page (step-by-step guide). Then add your Nostr public key.

📖 Further resources

Nostr web clients

There are various different Nostr clients out there and with your Nostr identity managed in the Alby extension you can easily use all of them. No signup or similar needed. For example try these: