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Why do we need a new form of compensation

How much are content distribution platforms charging?

These platforms help you to distribute your content but charge hefty fees:
  • YouTube Super Chats: Youtube takes 30% from every super chat donation on the platform.
  • Facebook stars: 28.6% of the payment by your audience goes to Facebook
  • Twitch Bits: 28.6% fee goes to Twitch paid by your followers
  • Twitch Subs: 50% of the payment by a subscriber goes to Twitch

How much are subscription platforms charging

These platforms help you to create followers that send you payments regularly.
  • Patreon: 5%-12% of the monthly income goes to Patreon payed by the creator

How much are traditional services charging for donations?

These services do not help you in distributing your content. On top many users globally cannot even access these options:
  • PayPal (international): 4.39% + 0.49 USD per transaction goes to PayPal paid by the receiver
  • Stripe (international): 3.9% + 0.30 USD per transaction goes to Stripe paid by the receiver
Value for Value and Podcasting 2.0 can create a new form of compensation, that is direct, independent, inexpensive and accessible for any creator AND their audience.
Keep on reading to learn about the benefits and how easy it is to get started.
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