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7. Analyze listener data

Today as a podcaster you can only analyze WHAT episodes your listeners are consuming. The reason is that you can only measure downloads and listeners for each episode of an RSS-based podcast. But you do not know HOW your listeners are consuming one specific episode of your podcast.
As you start experimenting with Value for Value, looking for insights and patterns in your analytics will help you identify what's working and what's not. That´s why we created SATurn, a boostergram viewer and analytics app for your Alby podcaster wallet.
SATurn app, an analytics dashboard for your Alby podcaster wallet
SATurn allows you to get insights into your podcast’s performance. It helps you to understand HOW people are listening to your shows and episodes of any Value for Value podcast player and which episodes resonate best with your audience: You learn if listeners are skipping over your episode intro or your second mid-roll or what sections they like in particular.
The episode view allows you to see listening stats along the timeline of your podcast.
SATurn is in alpha and available under:
If you are using the Alby podcaster wallet, go to SATurn and connect your Alby account.
Last modified 1yr ago