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6. How to prepare an RSS feed to receive Value for Value payments

An RSS feed contains the metadata for a podcast. This information governs what listeners will see about a podcast, from its art to general information like the podcast category, episode titles, and descriptions. Listeners will also see how they can support podcasts on a Value for Value basis. It is therefore essential to prepare the RSS feed accordingly if podcasters want to tap into this new opportunity for income.
The field containing payment information in an RSS feed is called the 'value tag', and is located in the <podcast:valueyour payment details> </podcast:value> section of an RSS feed. Several <podcast:value> tags comprise one <podcast:value> block. RSS feeds are distributed to all sorts of directories that let podcasts appear in the apps of listeners.
There are different ways to prepare an RSS feed to receive Value for Value payments:

1. Integrating the Alby podcaster wallet into your podcast hosting service

This method is the easiest way to get started because users can activate their Alby podcaster wallet directly from the dashboard of their podcast hosting service.
The following hosting services have a direct integration with the Alby podcaster wallet:

2. Adjusting the RSS feed with a form provided by the podcast hosting service

Typically, there is a form in the dashboard of hosting providers that allow adjustments to the RSS feed. View instructions here. The following hosting services provide a form to adjust the RSS feed:

3. Manually enable Value for Value payments in the RSS feed

If your service does not allow you to add the value tag manually, you can use Podcasterwallet to enable your feed for Value 4 Value payments. View instructions here or watch this video

4. Using WordPress to host a podcast

There are plugins and built-in functionalities for creating a listener-app-compatible RSS feed for podcasts, such as Seriously Simple Podcasting or PowerPress. Both plugins allow for posting a podcast just like you would any other WordPress post. Now you only need to add your payment details to your podcast (i.e insert the <podcast:value> tag into an RSS feed). This can be done automatically with Alby’s Bitcoin Lightning Publisher plugin.

5. Self-hosting a podcast and RSS feed

This is a great option for optimal customization. If this is your current situation, we provide detailed instructions about creating and adjusting your RSS feed here.
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