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5. How to use your Alby podcaster wallet

Alby provides a Bitcoin Lightning wallet that is optimized for both podcasters’ and listeners’ needs. It includes the following:
  • a dashboard to overview the current balance and past transactions
  • an easy-to-use wallet to receive payments and store bitcoin receiving and displaying boostagrams from listeners
  • interoperability with any Value for Value-enabled podcast player on the web
  • tools to adjust your RSS feed to get started with Value for Value payments 🚀
Step 1: Create an account or log in to
Step 2: Go to ‘Wallet’ to see your balance
Step 3: Scroll down for info on how to integrate Value for Value payments into your RSS feed
Step 3: Go to ‘Account’ to find all the boosts and boostagrams from your audience
For more information about how to spend your funds have a look at the Alby Guides:
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