๐Ÿค Bounty Program

Check out bounties for various projects.

Alby is offering bounties for the challenges listed below. We have bounties for coding and non-coding related topics. Relevant contributions will be reviewed and accepted by active contributors.

If you want to:

  • start working on a bounty

  • ask about the status of a bounty

  • propose a new bounty

  • or if you need help

please reach out to hello@getalby.com or join our #alby channel on Bitcoin Design discord and let us know.

Before tackling technically more complex bounties please have a look at our contribution guidelines and make sure to talk to us first so we can support you. Think about creating a concept first. A concept can help to align before any development is done and time wasted.

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Contribute to Alby's Bounty Program

Would you like to propose and fund a bounty yourself or support one of the existing bounties?

  • Contribute to our bounty program: โšก๏ธbounties@getalby.com (lightning address)

  • Contact us: ๐Ÿ“ง hello@getalby.com

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