Getting started
With the Alby Wallet API you can integrate Bitcoin Lightning functionality provided by the Alby Wallet into your application.
This allows you to easily add receiving and sending payments to your application. You can get podcasting 2.0 details, create invoices, retrieve the user's incoming and outgoing payments, and make Lightning payments on behalf of users.


All of the examples in this guide will use the development endpoint. Make sure you exchange this endpoint before you launch your application.
🧑‍💻 Development
🔴 Production


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    See the Authorization page on how to obtain an access token
  2. 2.
    Make a request using the access token in the Authorization header:
curl -H Authorization: "Bearer $access_token"
You should now see a JSON response like that:
"balance": 1000,
"currency": "BTC",
"unit": "sat"
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